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Jack White would like you to shut up

By | Published on Thursday 28 May 2015

Jack White

A representative of Third Man Records – who is definitely just someone who works there and wants to remain anonymous and isn’t Jack White – has posted to Facebook a lengthy, well-studied, and pretty angry list of the ways in which White’s recent interviews have been taken out of context by the pesky media.

Following on from the rebuttal of a student newspaper’s article on White’s tour rider earlier this year, here are the key points from the new post:

• Jack White does not feel that he has no place on Planet Earth, so shut up.
• Jack White is taking a break from touring, but not giving it up forever, so shut up.
• No, he doesn’t like festivals, but he still does them, so shut up.
• Actually he really liked Bonnaroo this year, so shut up.
• He’s not quitting music altogether, he’s doing something with The Dead Weather next week actually, so shut up.
• No, Meg White doesn’t answer the phone, but she doesn’t have to answer the phone, so shut up.
• The White Stripes are over forever, which both Jack and Meg are fine with, so shut up.
• The White Stripes are still selling records anyway, so shut up.
• Jack White does whatever he can to help struggling artists, which includes but is not limited to being involved with Tidal, so shut up.
• Jack White is not just out for as much money as he can get, he just did a tour where he charged $3 for tickets and he runs a record label that is frankly making no one rich, so shut up.
• Shut up.

He also conceded that journalists are just doing a job, but adds that that job has basically become an awful cycle of shortening things and taking them out of context for maximum impact. Thankfully there is no evidence of that here.