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Jacknife Lee announces new album

By | Published on Friday 14 February 2020

Jacknife Lee

Producer Jacknife Lee has announced a new album of his own, although he’s got a long list of collaborators on there, including Aloe Blacc, Beth Ditto, Petite Noir, and Open Mike Eagle.

The album, he explains, began as a way for him to break out of his usual ways of working, while also giving him a good excuse to record music with other artists purely because he admired them. “It’s usually my job to organise the sessions and to a certain extent be the grown up in the room”, he says. “This is me not being that”.

First single from the record is ‘Made It Weird’, with rapper Open Mike Eagle. Of the track, Jacknife Lee says: “Open Mike Eagle was on my dream list of collaborators but I didn’t think he’d do it. His flow is ridiculously clever and smooth. I’ve been a fan of his for ages. Once he was convinced to come to [my studio in] Topanga we just hung out, listened to records and I played him the beat and he took it away. And then this happened. He makes it sound so so easy but he’s doing some mad shit in there”.

Titled ‘The Jacknife Lee’, the album will be released through Slow Kids Records on 29 May. Here’s ‘Made It Weird’: