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Jacko death focus returns to the doc

By | Published on Thursday 16 July 2009

One day we’ll stop leading with Michael Jackson stories, I promise. For certain, we’ve scheduled a non-Jacko story to appear here in the top section for November. But for today, back to the Jacko, and yet more rumours that the late king of pop’s death is being treated as a homicide by LA authorities.

And once again the focus is on poor old Dr Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician. He was suspect number one in the hours immediately after the singer’s death of course, with rumours the doc had given Jackson a shot of a strong prescription drug shortly before the cardiac arrest that killed him, and other reports Murray had gone AWOL. But then it turned out the doc was at his home, he issued a statement denying he’d given Jacko any shots on the day of his death, and police said they were happy the physician was not involved in the singer’s demise.

But the idea that Murray played a role in Jackson’s ending is back at the top of the gossip agenda. That’s probably because of La Toya Jackson’s claims in interviews with the British tabs that she believes her brother was bumped off. And subsequent comments by a Mail journalist who did one of those interviews to the effect that La Toya really wants to speak to Murray. The fact that the boss of the LAPD this week said that, until toxicology test results are known, nothing can be ruled out from their investigation, won’t have done anything to distinguish the gossip fire.

Now TMZ have said LAPD are concentrating their efforts on investigating the Murray angle. Citing various law enforcement sources, they say there is already evidence that the anaesthetic propofol was a leading cause in Jacko’s death, and that it is believed Murray did, in fact, administer that drug shortly before the singer’s cardiac arrest.

While Murray’s lawyer has previously denied his client had any role in Jackson’s death, the attorney has yet to comment on the latest set of allegations.

In related news, the US Drug Enforcement Administration may introduce new restrictions on the aforementioned propofol in light of its possible role in Jackson’s demise. Reports suggest the authority may make the drug a “controlled substance” which would put tighter restrictions on the prescription and distribution of it.