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Jacko doc facing criminal charges

By | Published on Monday 11 January 2010

Gossip site TMZ say that an anonymous source in the LA Police Department has told them Dr Conrad Murray – the doc who administered the propofol shot that killed Michael Jackson – will face criminal charges in relation to the late king of pop’s death. The police are said to be close to completing their investigations and are ready to press charges.

Murray, of course, has been subject to LAPD investigations ever since Jacko’s demise last June. Murray has reportedly hired the services of lawyer J Michael Flanagan, who represented Britney Spears in her 2007 hit and run case, because he has previously worked on a case involving a death caused by propofol. Murray has in the past insisted he did not act negligently in administering the drug to Jackson, who seemingly insisted he be given the medication to help him sleep.

In related news, an updated version of Jacko’s death certification has appeared online, which has been amended to show his death was homicide, and that he died of “acute propofol intoxication”. The documentation was previously non-committal on the cause of Jackson’s death.

Finally in Jackson news, one from the comedy lawsuit file. An LA resident is suing the Jackson family for £2 million to cover the costs of policing the Jacko memorial event that took place at the city’s Staples Centre shortly after the singer’s death.

The costs to the city caused by the event have proven controversial ever since it took place, with some calling on Jacko’s estate and/or Staples Center owners AEG to pay for policing, street cleaning and the like. LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has always insisted that the city expects for large events of that kind to take place on occasion, and is therefore able to cover the costs itself.

However, LA resident Jose Vallejos disagrees and, this being America, he is suing the Jackson family in his capacity as a local taxpayer.