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Jacko: Insurance, drugs, brain and burial

By | Published on Monday 10 August 2009

Michael Jackson’s life insurance policy has reportedly been settled by the executors of his estate, John Branca and John McClain. Although initial reports claimed that the policy was worth $20 million, it is said that they have accepted just $3 million, possibly due to fears that if they held out for a better deal they might get nothing once the cause of the late king of pop’s death is confirmed.

The same fears, of course, currently hang over the insurance policy taken out by AEG Live on the singer’s O2 residency, which has not yet paid out. The Associated Press claims that the $17.5 million policy, which was taken out in April, will be declared null and void if it is decided that Jackson’s death involved the “illicit taking of drugs”.

Further reports about Jacko’s drug use, which surfaced over the weekend, will no doubt suggest to Branca and McClain that they did the right thing, while striking fear on the hearts of those at AEG Live (assuming they haven’t already given up on getting any insurance money – which they might have done). According to a new toxicology report, anxiety drug Xanax was also found in Jackson’s system, along with the anaesthetic propofol. However, police sources claim that propofol is still “front and centre in terms of why he died”.

With toxicology tests now completed, Jackson’s brain has been returned to his family, meaning they can now go ahead with his burial. In further Jacko burial news/speculation, a ‘family friend’ has claimed that the singer will be buried in an unmarked grave because of fears that people may try to steal his body. The source said: “They are afraid someone is going to do something terrible to his body. That is not a risk they can take so they are burying him in an unmarked plot”.