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Jacko residency extended to fifty plus dates

By | Published on Friday 13 March 2009

Well, they kept on adding more and more and more Michael Jackson O2 gigs yesterday as more and more and more people kept registering for tickets.

At last count there were going to be fifty shows in total, though they’ll probably add more in the time it takes me to write this story, so I’d say here are somewhere between fifty and infinity shows planned. The 50 shows won’t go back to back, meaning that the residency will now run into 2010.

As previously reported, promoters of the Jacko This Is It shows, AEG Live, had let it be known they would continue to add extra dates while there was demand for tickets. AEG’s Randy Phillips said yesterday: “Not only are these concerts unparalleled, these records will never be broken. We knew this was show business history, but this is a cultural phenomenon”.

Despite the ticket demand, at least one music fan is more excited about Neil Young’s UK festival and headline show dates than Jacko’s dome residency and has created a spoof advert to say so, which is good news for AEG’s big rivals Live Nation, who will promote Young’s UK appearances. The video is here: