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Jacko toxicology results may be ready this week

By | Published on Tuesday 14 July 2009

Back to Jacko now, and it seems that the next chapter in the ‘how the hell did Jackson die?’ story could kick off sooner than we expected. As previously reported, the LA coroner has held off from ruling on cause of death until the results of toxicology tests are known. That ruling may, of course, impact on whether AEG Live’s insurers for the fifty night O2 residency pay up to cover the promoter’s losses.

The head of the LAPD has also said he and his officers are awaiting those test results with interest. They are expected to show what drugs were in Jackson’s system when he died, and may be tell us whether or not one of those drugs caused the cardiac arrest that killed him. If the singer did die from an accidental overdose, police will want to establish if that was caused by someone close to Jackson acting negligently, or even – as some are theorising – because someone deliberately bumped him off.

Anyway, toxicology reports can take weeks to come back from the lab, but the LA coroner has said they already have some results back, and hope to have a full test report in by the end of the week, or, if not, early next week. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told reporters yesterday that his office would tell the media when a full set of test results were in, and would then make the results public the next day.