Jacksons v AEG Timeline Legal

Jacko trustees knock back seven legal claims

By | Published on Wednesday 14 April 2010

Lawyers handling the affairs of the late Michael Jackson have rejected seven multi-million dollar claims made against the late king of pop’s estate, including the much previously reported claim made by promoters Allgood Entertainment who alleged that Jacko was in breach of a deal it had done with the whole Jackson family which would have seen all the Jackson siblings performing at one big telecast comeback gig in the US this year.

Allgood’s management claimed Jackson’s subsequent deal with AEG Live regarding the doomed O2 residency was in breach of that agreement. But Jacko estate lawyer Howard Weitzman yesterday filed legal papers rejecting that and six other claims for cash made against the Jackson fortune.

The other rejected lawsuits include the previously reported claim by one Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun that she was married to Jackson at the time of his death, and another relating to that planned Jacko memorabilia auction that was cancelled at the last minute this time last year when Jackson and the auction house staging the sale fell out.

Another lawsuit is from an LA tax payer who wants the Jackson estate to pay all the costs associated with the big memorial event staged at the city’s Staples Center shortly after his death last year. Meanwhile, according to TMZ, one more of the rejected legal claims was not for money, but came from a 25 year old man who was demanding a DNA test to enable him to prove he is the late singer’s son.

It remains to be seen if any of the seven people whose claims for Jacko cash have been rejected by the estate now choose to pursue their claims through the courts.

In related news, celebrity publicist Raymone Bain, who represented Jackson to the press for years, including during his 2005 child abuse trial, is suing the estate for $360,000 in unpaid fees. It’s not clear how this relates to legal action Bain launched just before Jacko’s death last year relating to her time running the singer’s Michael Jackson Company. That was meant to be a multi-million dollar lawsuit.