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Jacko was “fairly healthy”, autopsy reveals

By | Published on Friday 2 October 2009

Michael Jackson was a “fairly healthy” 50 year old, according to his autopsy report, which is good news for This Is It promoters AEG, who have been insisting the singer was physically up to the fifty night residency he was booked to play in London prior to his untimely death.

The report adds that the singer’s weight was reasonable for his height, though revealed that he had some lung damage and was suffering from mild arthritis. Chronically inflamed lungs were listed as the late king of pop’s most serious health problem, but the coroner adds this did not contribute to his death. No mention was made of whether this, or any other health problems, would have inhibited his ability to perform on stage.

As expected, the document lists propofol and the sedative lorazepam as the “primary drugs responsible for Mr Jackson’s death”.

On the cosmetic front, it was noted that the singer was bald across the front of his head, and had a dark tattoo across the top of his head, as well as tattooed eyebrows and lips, and had numerous scars most likely created by cosmetic surgery. His remaining hair was short and tightly curled.