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Jackson family split on memorial and burial plans

By | Published on Monday 6 July 2009

Although there will be no funeral procession for Jacko tomorrow, it’s believed some of the Jackson family did want the late singer to be driven through LA after the memorial event, but that they were overruled by their mother Katherine.

In fact, according to the Mail On Sunday, there is quite a split in the Jackson household regarding how Michael’s passing should be commemorated. The paper says the singer’s brothers proposed a glitzy send off, all singing, all dancing, and concluding with a procession through LA where fans would be encouraged to throw flowers at the passing hearse. But, reports say, mother Katherine, who has legal responsibility for the funeral, is a very religious woman and wants a more sombre affair.

The paper quote a source as saying: “The family is fiercely divided. You’ve got the brothers on one hand, who all want to perform and turn the funeral into a showbiz extravaganza, and then you have Katherine on the other side who is a deeply religious woman and is determined that this won’t descend into a circus”. Katherine is reportedly supported by her daughters Janet and La Toya on the issue.

It’s thought Tuesday’s memorial event will be a compromise between the two sides of the family, but Katherine got her way in vetoing the funeral procession – a decision presumably welcomed by the cash strapped LA authorities.

The family is also reportedly split on where Jackson should be buried, with the brothers supporting the previously reported Neverland proposals, but Katherine preferring a grave in an LA cemetery. As previously reported, the company who own the mortgage on Neverland were pushing for the singer to be buried there (and were investigating ways to get around Califnornian laws that would ban such a thing) as part of plans to transform the singer’s infamous former home into a Gracelands style tourist attraction. But with Katherine ultimately in charge, those proposals are not currently in favour.