Jackson producers get angry

By | Published on Monday 13 December 2010

Teddy Riley, one of the producers who worked on the new posthumous Michael Jackson album ‘Michael’, has his out at criticism of the record by Quincy Jones, who last month told Us Magazine that he was unable to comment on those claims that it wasn’t really the singer’s voice on the album, but that he nevertheless felt that the music on the long player “should have all stayed in the vault”.

In his response, Riley seems to have focused on the ongoing ‘it’s not Michael singing’ allegations, telling The Guardian: “Look at his age. He can barely hear you talk. How the hell could he hear Michael? Anybody who says [it is not Jackson on the album], I do have a comeback, because you’re not right. That’s just the bottom line”.

This argument would be stronger if Riley had properly listened to what Jones actually said. His complete quote was as follows: “I haven’t had a chance to listen to it [properly] yet. Somebody called me up and asked me if it was Michael, and I said it sounds like Michael. But it’s backed up by so many [other] voices [that] I can’t really dig down deep enough or I haven’t really had time to dig deep enough to identify it. But no way it should be coming out. It should have all stayed in the vault”.

‘Michael’ is out today.