Jacksons v AEG Timeline Legal

Jacksons told to give AEG more information in ongoing lawsuit

By | Published on Wednesday 25 April 2012

Michael Jackson

An LA judge has told the mother and children of Michael Jackson that they still need to provide more information relating to their legal claim against AEG Live, which they are suing for hiring Conrad Murray as the late king of pop’s personal physician. Murray, of course, was found guilty of causing the singer’s death in 2009 through negligence.

Lawyers for the live music giant said that the Jacksons had not provided credible evidence to back up their claim that AEG employed Murray and was therefore liable for his negligence, and that a lot of the information that had been provided arrived late.

Reps for the Jackson family countered that it had taken some time to get the live firm the information it requested, not least because some of the questions asked of the late king of pop’s children were harrowing to answer, and that they had now provided extensive responses, including statements from two AEG execs saying Murray had been given the job as Jackson’s medic.

The live company, which was behind the ‘This Is It’ O2 shows abandoned after Jackson’s premature death, argues that while it may have paid for Murray, he was selected and hired by the singer himself, and the company had no control over the medic’s actions.

After both sides presented their arguments to the court, the Jacksons’ reps were asked to provide the information AEG claimed was still lacking, and to see that Katherine Jackson’s deposition on the case – which has only been half done so far – was completed.

At the same hearing, Katherine Jackson’s lawyer said he might request a “discovery referee” be appointed on the case, who would go through evidence provided by both sides and advise the judge on its competence. One of AEG’s attorney’s, Jessica Stebbins, said she didn’t think such a referee was required, but that her client probably wouldn’t object to that move if both sides could agree on who should perform the task.

The case continues.