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James Blunt told to stop tweeting detractors

By | Published on Tuesday 4 November 2014

James Blunt

Hey, you remember when James Blunt started being funny on Twitter and we all decided we actually quite liked him? Well, it turns out that his label, Warner Music, didn’t think that was a good look. Possibly the label feared that his being publicly liked would alienate his sizeable but quiet audience. And so he was asked to stop being funny on Twitter.

Speaking to Heat, Blunt said: “My record label set up the account and asked me to answer people, so I did. Then they phoned me up and asked me to stop. Twitter is just people’s opinions, and opinions are like arseholes – everyone has one”.

On the Twitter haters that he mainly responds to, he added: “I play to thousands of people each night, who all bought tickets, and train tickets and hotel rooms, and queued up for hours outside a venue, but instead of them, we focus on the five guys in their bedrooms with their trousers round their ankles writing a few nasty words about my music. Those guys couldn’t be bothered to come to the venue to say how much they ‘really hate’ me, so why should I be bothered by them?”

James Blunt is currently on tour, with UK dates later this month. Make the effort, cowards.