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James Bourne’s new Busted musical premieres in Brighton

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2016


James Bourne has only gone and written a second stage musical based on his own work. And having already plundered the entire one-album Son Of Dork catalogue, he’s now moved on to Busted. ‘What I Go To School For’ premiered at Brighton’s Theatre Royal yesterday.

The jukebox musical, featuring a selection of Busted’s hits, as well as new songs, runs until Saturday, starring a cast of 40 chosen from the Brighton branch of the Youth Music Theatre. The story follows a group of teenagers who dream of breaking out of their hometown and seeing the world, then doing exactly that. You know, like Busted. Because the show is based on the story of Busted. So that’s why.

“The show quite accurately tells story of the band from 2001 to 2005, though some characters are real and some characters are made-up versions of real people”, Bourne tells the BBC. “Eventually it would be nice to open in the West End after we’ve had more time to develop”.

“Matt and Charlie have been asking me lots about the show and they are very interested in what’s going on”, he added, of how his bandmates view the production. As well they might.

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