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Jarvis Cocker to focus on songwriting during 6 Music sabbatical

By | Published on Tuesday 27 May 2014

Jarvis Cocker

What with all the radio DJing and Faber editing-at-larging and Pulp reuniting, that there Jarvis Cocker hasn’t had much time to work on his songwriting of late, but that’s the focus for the rest of the year, or so he has told The Guardian. He wants to see if he has “got any interesting songs left to write”.

Confirming he is still “110% committed” to music, the Pulp man said: “Whether it’s to impress girls, or whatever, music is the thing that has become my means of self-expression, so this year I’m taking a break from the radio show to find out if I’ve got any interesting songs left to write or whether I’ve written them all”.

Meanwhile on the Pulp reunion, and the oeuvre he was performing there, he went on: “It was quite good because we had some distance from the songs and we weren’t trying to flog them to people. We spent a lot of time standing in horrible dirty rooms with no heating trying to write songs, flailing around in the dark basically, and somehow in that process we wrote some stuff that still sounds all right. So it was good to realise that we hadn’t wasted all our youth – that we’d done something that had a bit of life and energy in it”.