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Jarvis says tabloids contributed to Winehouse’s death

By | Published on Monday 28 November 2011

Amy Winehouse

Jarvis Cocker says that the newspapers should take some responsibility for the death of Amy Winehouse, and it does seem to be the month for kicking the tabs while they’re down, so why not?

The Pulp frontman reckons that having to live her life in the tabloid glare contributed to Winehouse’s drink and drug additions, which ultimately led to her premature death. Speaking to The Guardian, he says he went through a similar situation during the height of his fame in the 1990s.

Says Jarvis: “Amy Winehouse passed away this year and it was all ‘drugs killed Amy Winehouse’. I think that the press killed Amy Winehouse as much as drugs did, because it sends people into that place where they’ve got no peace, and so they just try to escape. And sometimes you use drugs and drink to do that”.

He continued: “That atmosphere of fear that the tabloids cause – and I experienced that a bit, back in the bad old days – it makes you not want to go out, and it makes you act more weirdly because it makes you more self-conscious, and it makes you want to get more off your head [so you can] block it out”.