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Jay-Z announces 4:44 listening parties in Sprint stores

By | Published on Monday 26 June 2017


Good news for all you Jay-Z fans who think that Tidal is a nonsense piece of shit that only fuckwit buffoons of the highest magnitude would even consider signing up to. I mean, I like Tidal. I think it’s lovely. Really lovely. But I know all about you guys and your Tidal hating.

Well, while Jay-Z is making his new album ‘4:44’ available exclusively via the streaming service he heads up, there’ll be an opportunity to listen to the new record without giving Tidal HQ all your personal data.

You will have to go to a shop to listen to it though. And a shop run by Jay-Z’s Tidal business partner Sprint. But hey, no data sharing! Well, you have to provide an email address to enter the competition for tickets. But no formal Tidal sign ups!

Of course Sprint only has shops in the US, so – unless you’re American – you’d have to really love Jay-Z and really hate the Tidals to fly over to the States on 30 Jun to attend one of the ‘4:44’ listening parties that will take place that day. But they are currently the only confirmed way to hear the new record without formally signing up to either Tidal or Sprint.

The listening parties will occur at various Sprint stores around the US.