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Jedward claim Ian Brown has “lost all respect and credibility” over COVID tweets

By | Published on Tuesday 15 September 2020


Having taken on Jim Corr’s anti-mask protests last month, Jedward have now moved on to Ian Brown. The duo launched their latest attack as the Stone Roses frontman took issue with claims that he is a conspiracy theorist.

Brown, of course, drew criticism earlier this month when he tweeted, “NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX”.

He followed that up days later with a retort to his detractors, stating: “To all of you asking about my medical qualifications, I have the same as the computer seller Bill Gates (biggest funder of the World Health Organisation)”.

Bill Gates, of course, made his money selling software, rather than computers, and his Gates Foundation is the fifth largest voluntary contributor to the World Health Organisation. Also, he donates money so that scientists can research diseases rather than simply offering opinions about them on Twitter. So, all in all, it’s not a perfect comparison.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about Jedward. What’s going on there? Well, over the weekend Brown returned to Twitter again, writing: “So I’m a conspiracy theorist? Ha! A term invented by the lamestream media to discredit those who can smell and see through the government/media lies and propaganda”.

You could argue that the idea that the “lamestream media” invented the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is in itself a conspiracy theory. It goes nicely with the one that the CIA came up with the term. The Oxford English Dictionary logs the earliest known use of the phrase as being in an edition of the American Historical Review in 1870. But how do we know that the OED isn’t in cahoots with Bill Gates?

Anyway, we were talking about Jedward. I think. Were we? Well, the point is, Jedward have now responded to Ian Brown. They said this: “The public have lost all respect and credibility for your views! Your music and cheekbones are a dream but your tweets are a nightmare”.

Oh, sick burn. Unlike Jim Corr, Brown has not yet engaged in a war of words with the twin pop makers, which is a shame. I’m also yet to see a theory that Jedward themselves are somehow involved in a global conspiracy to deceive the public. Although, if they ever achieve their goal of being joint leaders of Ireland, I’m sure that will come.

In other Ian Brown tweeting news, over the weekend he claimed that “every member of Parliament trips on glue”. Jedward have not confirmed or denied this.