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Jesus And Mary Chain will work together again

By | Published on Friday 28 October 2011

Jesus And Mary Chain

Jesus And Mary Chain vocalist Jim Reid has said that the band will work together again at some point in the future. Though that’s all your getting for now. You see, it all depends on whether he can agree on things with brother and bandmate William Reid.

Speaking to The Quietus, Reid said: “The Mary Chain will do more stuff, whether that will be records or whether that will be tours, [though] we still have a few fences to climb before that happens. The idea of doing another Mary Chain album is always around, but it’s sort of difficult with me and my brother; we still have a difficult relationship. And he lives in Los Angeles and I live in the south west of England. So it’s kind of difficult to get it together. We will probably do another record at some point, and we do talk about tours and stuff like that. It’s just so difficult to agree with each other. I mean I’m not saying it’s all his fault, but we have problems basically”.

Sounds like the perfect relationship to be working in. “Well it [is] better than it was”, he says. “We went through a year or two where we didn’t actually speak to each other when the band was breaking up in 1998. So it can’t be worse than that. It’s not ideal but it’s not terrible. We can talk now whereas at one point we couldn’t even do that”.

The Reid brothers last played together in 2008, and released a new song – ‘All Things Must Pass’ – on the soundtrack album of US TV series ‘Heroes’ the same year.