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Jimmy Page delays Robbie Williams having a nice swim

By | Published on Wednesday 30 May 2018

Robbie Williams

The ongoing battle between West London neighbours Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams continues. The Led Zeppelin guitarist has now successfully pushed back a decision on plans for the former Take That star to build a swimming pool.

Page said yesterday that he was “very pleased” that Kensington & Chelsea London Borough Council had agreed to defer their planning decision on Williams’ proposed new pool. Councillors will use the delay to seek legal assurances on the vibration levels and ground movement likely to occur when the pool is constructed, as well as considering placing restrictions on the work, such as only allowing hand tools to be used.

“I’m really pleased at the outcome in so much that the council showed so much consideration to [my property] Tower House”, Page said after the meeting, according to The Guardian. “There were many things that were said that I found really encouraging. I have been the custodian of the house and on my watch I feel that I have got to do everything with all these sorts of haphazard things … that really it’s my duty while it’s my watch.

The two musicians have been locked in a dispute since Williams bought his Kensington home – formerly owned by film director Michael Winner – five years ago. Williams has attempted to make various modifications to the building, which Page has attempted to block over fears that vibrations from building work will be damaging to his Grade I listed mansion, the aforementioned Tower House, next door.

Williams was eventually granted permission to carry out renovation work in 2015, despite Page’s objections, although various restrictions were placed on the construction work and griping between the two music stars continued.