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Single Review: Joan As Police Woman – To America (Reveal Records)

By | Published on Monday 1 December 2008

Joan As Police Woman

Taken from her latest LP, ‘To Survive’, ‘To America’ is the effortless creation of the very talented Joan Wasser. Featuring none other than her old friend Rufus Wainwright, it is an astonishingly effective single; seemingly split in two halves, one melancholic and haunting, the other upbeat and celebratory, it shows off wonderfully Wasser’s easy song-writing style. Opening with Wasser’s soulful vocals drifting forlornly over soft piano it is a powerful reminder of the striking loneliness that is apparent in her voice, bringing with it wisdom and experience. Two and a half minutes in, however, and the loneliness is stripped away as the groove kicks in replete with brass and, unconventionally, the sound of distant fireworks. Joined by Wainwright the song lifts up before coming triumphantly to a close; the melancholy and sorrow torn away and life reaffirmed. SJS

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