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John Lydon on One Direction

By | Published on Tuesday 14 July 2015

John Lydon

So, yet another old time punk star disses the modern manufactured pop machine? No, not today people, not at all. Johnny Lydon loves One Direction and he doesn’t care who knows it. I mean you know it now don’t you? And Lydon’s fine with that.

And not just because he has a new Public Image Ltd album to sell and he knows that the only thing that will get people talking more than him dissing 1D is him saying he loves the ‘X-Factor’ boy band.

“The thing with those boys is, they can really sing”, Lydon told the Sun. “Fair play to them. I’m never going to put another artist down. Anyone who wants to make music is all right by me”.

Hmm, that’s no fun at all is it? We’ll just have to hope that the Twitter spat between former 1Der Zayn Malik and his post-1D collaborator Naughty Boy is the real deal.

The producer, who has alluded before that he’s working with Malik on solo material, recently shared a video on Snapchat that seemed to contain new music from the former boy band star. And then he tweeted: “Don’t feed the hand that bites you”.

Malik quickly took to the tweets himself, declaring “@NaughtyBoyMusic you fat joke stop pretending we’re friends no one knows you” and “someone learned how to upload a video‚Ķ maybe now he should learn how to use logic, ha you ain’t shit but a faker”.

No, I’ve no idea what all that means either. But hey boys, listen to Uncle Johnny, never put another artist down. He has other words of wisdom too. For example, Zayn, if the solo career fails, you can always make a few bucks selling butter.