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John Lydon says he “loves Jedward very much”, despite them “nicking” his hair style

By | Published on Friday 20 January 2023

John Lydon

John Lydon has accused Jedward of “nicking” his hairstyle, but says he still “loves them very much”.

You might be wondering to yourself now if Jedward’s distinctive hairstyle is really all that similar to Lydon’s own, but apparently he’s not the only person to have noticed some kind of similarity. In fact, some people apparently think that similarity could be genetic.

“Let me clear this up once and for all”, he told the Irish Sun. “No, I’m not Jedward’s dad, but I am a Jedhead, and if I ever meet the lads all I want to ask is ‘why did you nick my hair?’”

His affection for Jedward seems to have been compounded by the twins losing their mother to leukaemia in 2019. He went on: “I was really devastated for the boys. Especially after what they said about their sadness that their mum would miss their weddings and the births of their children. My heart went out to them. I’m supposed to be tough but I want Jedward to know, Johnny Rotten loves them very much”.

“I know what it’s like for Jedward because I have had professional knockers all my life”, he went on. “I’d just like to know what have Jedward ever done that was so wrong? Their only crime is they robbed my hair. I’d like to ask them about that”.

Lydon – along with his band Public Image Ltd – are hoping to represent Ireland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, of course. And if he does get to chat with the pair, he could also get some tips from Jedward about that too. They have represented their country at Eurovision not once but twice – with the song ‘Lipstick’ in 2011 and ‘Waterline’ in 2012. Although they came eighth and then nineteenth, so perhaps they wouldn’t have any particularly useful advice.

These comments about Jedward are much more positive that Lydon’s recent appraisal of Eurovision in general. In a recent interview with RTÉ Radio 1, he branded the whole competition “awful”, “disgusting” and “dreadfully phoney”.

Public Image Ltd are down to the final six hopefuls to perform for Ireland at Eurovision in May. They will all play on a special edition of RTÉ One’s ‘The Late Late Show’ on 3 Feb, with Ireland’s Eurovision entrant then selected by regional jury votes and a public phone poll.