Josephine announces debut album

By | Published on Thursday 12 July 2012


Long admired by CMU, Josephine, that’s singer-songwriter Josephine Oniyama, has announced that she will release her debut album, ‘Portrait’, on 8 Oct via Ark Recordings. The first single from it, ‘What A Day’, will be on 20 Aug.

Listing some of her early influences as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Marley, Josephine says: “I learned a lot from their storytelling techniques and the more complex rhythmical style they used. Reggae taught me to feel the music and that writing a song could be different to the way I imagined before. When I was writing some of my first songs I was literally waking up, going to work, then to a gig, and getting back at midnight only to do it all again in the morning”.

Listen to ‘What a Day’ here:

And if you’re still sitting there thinking to yourself: “Just who the hecking heck is this Josephine person anyway?”, well why not watch this short introductory film: