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Joss Stone relaxes with the Robster after traumatic week

By | Published on Monday 20 June 2011

Joss Stone

Robbie Williams has been comforting Joss Stone after last week’s failed kidnap plot was revealed, according to The Sun. By which they seem to mean she went to a Take That gig on Thursday night and he was chatting to her. Says the tab’s source: “She’s still in shock but Robbie did his best to put a smile back on her face. His cheeky chappy side was in overdrive when they met up after the gig”.

The paper added that Stone was still taking the apparent plot to rob, hurt and possibly kill her in her stride, telling other back-stagers at the Take That Cardiff show that her week had “been like an episode of ‘Midsomer Murders'”.

As previously reported, two men were arrested near Stone’s Devon home last week and found to be carrying swords, rope and a body bag in their vehicle, as well as written plans that included the line “find a river to dump her in”. The two men, named as Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw, face charges of conspiracy to commit robbery and GBH.