Judas Priest frontman sued by former manager

By | Published on Friday 4 November 2011

Judas Priest

The former manager of Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford is suing the metaller, and his band’s new manager and legal reps, for over £30 million, claiming he is owed fees, expenses, commissions and damages for various contract breaches.

John Baxter managed Halford from 1982 until August this year, when he was fired. According to Rolling Stone, lawyers representing the band claimed Baxter – whose relationship with his long term client was seemingly getting fractious – posted inappropriate comments on Halford’s official website and then withdrew his sponsorship of the metal star’s US visa in order to prevent him entering into America.

But Baxter’s lawyers claim that there was actually no basis for firing their client, and that excuses given in the termination letter were to cover up other motives for having the manager out of the picture. They told Rolling Stone: “Baxter has been managing [Halford] for decades. Judas Priest was coming to an end and the Judas Priest people wanted to engage Halford in his solo endeavour and to continue to have a relationship with him which was not possible with Baxter in the middle. There’s a whole reason why this all of the sudden abruptly came to an end”.

Neither Halford nor Judas Priest have responded to the lawsuit.