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Judge declines to force Britney Spears into deposition in ongoing legal battle with her father

By | Published on Thursday 28 July 2022

Britney Spears

A US court yesterday declined to force Britney Spears to sit for a deposition as part of her ongoing legal dispute with her father over the management of the conservatorship that ran her life for thirteen years.

Although that often controversial conservatorship was brought to an end last year, there remains plenty of legal wrangling in relation to it, including over allegations that Spears’ father Jamie, in his role overseeing the conservatorship, mismanaged his daughter’s finances and spied on her by monitoring her phone calls and putting a listening device in her bedroom.

As part of the legal proceedings, Jamie has been ordered to take part in a deposition, in which he will have to answer questions posed by his daughter’s legal team under oath. In return, Jamie’s lawyers wanted Britney to do the same, answering their questions.

However, her lawyer Mathew Rosengart argued that such a deposition would “re-traumatise” his client just as she is she is getting her life back together following last year’s termination of the conservatorship.

According to Variety, he told the court: “Whether [Jamie] accepts it or not, his daughter feels traumatised by what she went through at his hands for more than a decade”. With that in mind, he added, if Jamie actually loves his daughter, he would drop his motion for the deposition.

Having heard both sides’ arguments, judge Brenda Penny concluded that any deposition involving Britney would be unlikely to produce any new information relevant to the ongoing legal case, and therefore she declined to grant Jamie’s motion.

His lawyer indicated soon after that he plans to appeal that decision. Spears Senior denies all the allegations of misconduct that have been made against him.