Judge dismisses Dre’s false advertising case against Death Row

By | Published on Monday 14 June 2010

A US judge last week threw out a chunk of Dr Dre’s previously reported lawsuit against the all new Death Row Records, now in the ownership of the WIDEawake Group.

As previously reported, Dre sued earlier this year over his 1992 album ‘The Chronic’. He said he was owed royalties relating to the original release from 1996 onwards, but also sued for false advertising and trademark infringement in relation to a re-release of the long player instigated by WIDEawake since it acquired the seminal hip hop label in early 2009.

Presumably Dre had no contractual right to stop Death Row’s new owners from re-releasing the 1992 long player, so instead claimed that the label had falsely implied he endorsed the rework of his debut solo album. But Judge Christina A Snyder last week dismissed those claims, saying there was no evidence the all new Death Row implied Dre’s involvement in the re-release, noting that the 2009 version of ‘The Chronic’ had the same cover artwork as the 1992 release, rather than a current picture which, the judge said, might have implied his endorsement.

Snyder allowed the royalty components of Dre’s lawsuit to proceed, however.