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Justin Bieber battles through cold at Hyde Park show

By | Published on Monday 3 July 2017

Justin Bieber

Like both Ed Sheeran and Britney Spears recently, Justin Bieber has been accused of miming. Although that was a relatively slight criticism among many levelled at his performance in London last night. Appearing at the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, and apparently suffering from a cold, Bieber was seemingly not on top form.

Part of the show apparently involved a comparative review of different cold remedies. “I usually use Olbas oil”, he said, according to MailOnline. “But I had to use Vicks here and now and it’s stuck up my nose”.

If he’d read the instructions, he would have seen that you’re not supposed to snort Vicks. Still, according to The Sun, he added: “Life is worth living without Vicks in your nose”.

He went on to blow said nose on a towel, then as a reflex action went to throw it into the crowd. “I have a cold”, he remembered at the last moment, stopping himself. “You don’t want to catch this”.

As he delivered nuggets of gold banter such as this, he later became annoyed when his backing vocalists chatted among themselves during another break between songs. Addressing them directly, he said: “Whatever you’re talking about can’t be more important than what I’m saying”.

But he didn’t then carry on with this teacher trope and get them the repeat it for the other boys and girls. Shame, really.