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Justin Bieber launches Peaches packs of pre-rolled joints

By | Published on Wednesday 6 October 2021

Justin Bieber Peaches pre-rolls

It’s 2021, people. Isn’t it about time Justin Bieber had his own strain of marijuana? Yes it is. And he does. He’s teamed up with cannabis seller Palms to launch Peaches, a limited edition pack of pre-rolls named after the song of the same name from his latest album ‘Justice’.

“In collaboration with Justin Bieber, Palms is excited to introduce a high-end line of indoor pre-rolls celebrating Justin’s song ‘Peaches'”, says the company. That’s indoor, as in the plants were grown indoors. You can take these joints outside, if you like.

“The hybrid strain features a white runtz strain that provides a mellow body buzz and pairs perfectly with an art project or hanging with friends”, it goes on. “It has a flavour profile of sweet fruit and cream with an earthiness on the finish”.

Sales of the seven joint packs of Peaches will also support the charities the Last Prisoner Project and Veterans Walk And Talk. So that should give you a warm feeling. As will the free Peaches-branded lighter that comes with each pack. If you’re not careful.

Bieber himself says, er, nothing. He just posted a picture. Maybe he was too stoned to say anything. Although that’s probably a stereotype that Palms wouldn’t appreciate. The company says that its “goal is to make cannabis more approachable and help destigmatise its use”. Its website is full of pictures of people who look like they’re blazing up after a workout.

That said, straight after sharing a picture of his drugs, Bieber posted a load of pictures of people playing Uno, which seems like something a stoned person would do. It looks like that was another brand partnership thing, but again, he didn’t say anything about it.

Anyway, each pack of seven Peaches pre-rolls will cost you $50, so I’m not sure you can afford to get high on this stuff. Also, you probably don’t live somewhere where buying such things is legal. Maybe have a nice cup of tea instead.