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Justin Bieber ordered to give deposition in pap attack case

By | Published on Tuesday 4 October 2016

Justin Bieber

In amongst announcing new Australian tour dates and “showing off his physique as he strips off while enjoying aquatic fun with pals during a Swedish holiday” (go on, guess which paper wrote that headline), Justin Bieber might need to make some time in his busy schedule for some legal formalities in relation to an ongoing pap-attack lawsuit.

A judge in Florida has ordered the Biebster to sit down and give a deposition within the next 30 days or face the prospect of being arrested and brought to court. The judge wants the singer to answer questions under oath about a run in he had with paparazzo Manuel Muñoz in Miami two years ago. The snapper accuses one of Bieber’s bodyguards of beating him up and taking his camera’s memory card.

The lawyer repping Muñoz says that Bieber has ignored or refused to consider previous requests for a deposition. Requesting the judge order Bieber to comply, attorney Mark DiCowden said the singer shouldn’t be entitled to special treatment just because he’s a celebrity. Though, I suppose, he wouldn’t have enjoyed the special treatment of being snapped by a pap had it not been for that celebrity status.

I’m sure Bieber will get to it just as soon as he’s stopped having “a wonderful time as he strips down to his turquoise swim shorts to lark around in the water”. I trust the Daily Mail’s pap in Sweden managed to snap the larks without incident.