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Justin Bieber pap chase case back in court

By | Published on Friday 26 September 2014

Justin Bieber

A court has ordered that old charges against a paparazzo who chased Justin Bieber’s car on a California motorway back in 2012, this ending in sweet defenceless Biebs getting a speeding ticket, be reinstated following an appeal by the pop teen’s legal team.

Judges at the LA Superior Court ordered last Friday that photog Paul Raef should again face ‘anti-paparazzi’ charges that stemmed from a new law aimed at specifically combatting aggressive driving by celeb snappers in search of financial gain.

As previously reported, Rae was the first person to be charged under the new laws, though his case was dismissed in 2012 after a judge ruled that said law was both unconstitutional and too broad.

Raef is yet to enter a plea to any of the counts.