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Justin Bieber’s former neighbours must submit to psychological examination to prove emotional distress claims

By | Published on Thursday 4 August 2016

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s former neighbours must submit to a seven-hour psychological examination if they wish to proceed with their lawsuit against the popstar. Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz allege that Bieber caused them severe emotional distress during his stint as their neighbour.

It was the Schwartz’s house that Bieber famously egged during the ‘dark times’, you know, before he rose again as the greatest human being to have ever lived. The singer is also accused of spitting at Jeffrey Schwartz, while causing general distress for his neighbours via a steady stream of loud parties, druggy fun times and overly aggressive driving.

Possibly because all of these episodes now seem like some kind of unrealistic dream from a mythical age some time in the past – now that Bieber is the ultimate giver of all mankind – judge Holly J Fujie has said that a thorough psychological examination of the Schwartzes is necessary to prove their claims of having suffered severe emotional distress. The couple’s lawyers had objected to such an intensive examination taking place.

Bieber did pay his former neighbours in the region of $80,000 for damage caused by the egging incident after pleading no contest to a misdemeanour vandalism charge, but the Schwartzes sued for much bigger damages last year citing various incidents from when they shared a fence with the Bad Boy Bieber of olden times. They want money. And lots of it. But surely the repentant pop messiah could just offer salvation instead?