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Justin Bieber’s telepathy still unconfirmed, may have threatened to enact rapture at O2 show

By | Published on Thursday 13 October 2016

Justin Bieber

It’s not a Justin Bieber show if you don’t get told off at some point, so fans at the O2 Arena in London will have been THRILLED earlier this week to be told to shut up and listen to the pop boy speak.

The King Of The Humans was performing the first of a series shows at the venue. Before performing an acoustic version of his Major Lazer and MØ collaboration ‘Cold Water’, he told the audience, according to the NME: “I hope we can all be quiet and listen when I’m talking”.

By “we”, he just means the audience. It wouldn’t make sense for him to be quiet and listen while he’s talking. Not unless he was trying to communicate telepathically. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if that was what he was doing. Justin Bieber operates on a different level to the rest of us, remember. We should all be quiet and listen when he’s talking, telepathically or otherwise.

He also reportedly told the audience on the top row of the arena that they would be “the first to go when Jesus comes back”, which is a confusing thing for him to say, because Justin Bieber is already here. Clearly he’s back to denying his messianic status again. Oh, that Bieber.

Last year, the singer told off fans for grabbing at him while he tried to clean up some spilled water on stage at a TV recording. He also asked fans who wanted to take selfies with him to restrain themselves and do something else instead.

However, the new nicer Bieber (not so new, I guess – he’s be the greatest for a while now) does seem to have relaxed his attitude to the paparazzi. Instead of roughing them up, he apparently told his security to allow them to get on with their job earlier this week. Proving this, The Mirror has published a load of pictures of Justin Bieber just walking around, like walking around is a normal thing that people do.