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Kanye recording with Raekwon and Bieber

By | Published on Thursday 19 August 2010

Kanye West is recording a track with Raekwon and Justin Bieber. This story sounds so made up even I want to mock me for running it. But anyway, it all started, as all things do, with Twitter.

It was like this: @justinbieber I’m honored that you like my music Justin Bieber!!! You gotta hear the album. Maybe we can do something together. Me, You and Raekwon

@kanyewest me, u, and the chef 2gether on a song = EPIC. haha. might sound crazy 2 u but even having this convo is living the dream. Thanks

“Where was Raekwon in all of this?” you ask. Well, we can’t be sure. But he was neither on Twitter nipping this whole thing in the bud, or getting in his car and travelling over to Kanye’s house to pull him away from his computer. In fact, it appears he approves of Kanye’s idea.

In an interview with XXL magazine on Tuesday, the Wu-Clan man said: “It’s definitely gonna happen. When you got these kinda talents merging together to do something exciting, I think it’s something that’s gonna make the fans check it out. I’m big fans of both of these guys. I think, at the end of the day, shorty [he means Bieber] is a sensation. And [for him] to acknowledge me it makes me feel good that the young generation is checkin me out like that. And at the same time it gives me a position to play a big brother in the game. He wants my assistance or whatever he can get it. I respect him, I like his style”.

He continued: “Yeezy [that’s Kanye, keep up] called me and we gonna make it pop. At the end of the day we’re all doing our thing in the game and for them to even just have a conversation and just put my name in it it feels good. It feels good to respect what I do and I respect what they do. And we gonna make a hit. Justin got his own fan base and me and Yeezy got our own fan base and we gonna make it happen. We gonna make a good record”.

In the interest of balance, here’s a video of Justin Bieber getting hit in the face: