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Kasabian inspired by ‘OK Computer’ as they work on new album

By | Published on Thursday 13 January 2011


Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno says that Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ is proving inspirational while his band work on their next long player.

In an interview in the new edition of NME, Mr Sergio-meister says that it’s not that the band necessarily want to emulate the sound of the classic Radiohead album, but that  “‘OK Computer’ is a record that just makes you go, ‘wow’. I want to aim for something that’s as incredible as that, [where you get] the feeling of [just] being blown away”. He adds: “I just want people to fucking come away from it going, ‘Yep, great album. It’s different, I love this. Let’s go see it live. Thank you’. Then off we go again”.

As previously reported, Kasabian are due to headline both the Isle Of Wight and RockNess festivals in June, and Pizzorno adds in the interview that he hopes to have some new material out before those shows.