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Katie Melua signs to Reservoir

By | Published on Wednesday 21 October 2020

L-R: Charlie Pinder (UK Head of Creative – Reservoir), Katie Melua, Sumit Bothra (Managing Director, ATC Management)

Reservoir has announced that it has signed Katie Melua to a worldwide publishing deal, covering her entire catalogue past and present.

“What an honour to be working with Charlie Pinder and the fantastic team at Reservoir as my new music publishers”, says Melua. “I first met Charlie back in 2003 when I became a published writer at the grand old age of nineteen! His deep love of the craft is something to admire and having met Reservoir’s global team I feel confident they share my enthusiasm for putting great art into the world”.

Back then, Pinder was Managing Director of Sony/ATV UK. These days he’s UK Head Of Creative at Reservoir. Which is why Melua said all that stuff about him. Does he remember her so fondly though? Let’s find out.

“When I first signed Katie seventeen years ago, she was a very good but quite unassuming songwriter”, he says. So sort of in-between, I guess. “Over the years she’s developed into one of incredible poise, thoughtfulness and potency. Her new album is one of the best pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time. It is a genuine thrill to be working with her”.

Melua released her latest album, ‘Album No 8’, just last week.