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Katy Perry partners with Coca-Cola for, you know, just to be nice

By | Published on Wednesday 18 November 2020

Katy Perry

Out of the goodness of their hearts, Katy Perry and Coca-Cola have teamed up to spread a message of optimism and hope. Perry has lent a track to an advert, sorry, film (they’re calling it a film), called ‘Open To Better’.

The track is a new Tiësto remix of ‘Resilient’, from Perry’s under-performing new album ‘Smile’, featuring new vocals from emerging artist Aitana.

The accompanying ‘film’ is directed by Chloe Wallace and “reflects the positivity and optimism of the Coca-Cola ‘Open’ platform”. That being a thing that the company launched earlier this year encouraging people to be nice to each other while drinking Coca-Cola.

“To me, this campaign is about growing through challenges”, says Perry. You know, challenges like your recent album not doing that well, which you overcome by convincing a big brand to put up some marketing budget and a big name producer to create a more appealing version of one of the album’s songs. That sort of thing. Normal stuff.

Anyway, she goes on: “I think the song ‘Resilient’ ties so well into that because being resilient is getting back up after you fall, growing from failure, and getting through that challenge. I loved the unity perspective Aitana brought to the song, and how it evolves the message into the importance of being resilient as a group. It’s not always just about personal growth, we need to grow together too!”

Coca-Cola’s Europe Head Of Marketing, Walter Susini, says: “For more than 136 years, Coca-Cola has used its voice to help unite people across the world. In response to the current crisis, we launched the ‘Open’ platform, a campaign highlighting how the world has changed and to appreciate what perhaps was previously taken for granted”.

“As we move towards the end of 2020”, he adds “we are collaborating with Katy Perry to spread a message of hope and positivity, especially for the next generation. Lockdown has meant that young people have missed out on life-defining moments – from proms and graduations to just being with their friends face-to-face. This song is dedicated to them”.

So, there you go, a Coca-Cola exec has decided who this song is dedicated to. Good old 2020. Tiësto, if you were wondering, is “THRILLED” about the project, while Aitana has praised “Coca Cola’s important vision”. You can watch the advert/music video/film here: