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Katy Perry settles with GHD

By | Published on Tuesday 9 July 2013

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has received “a significant amount of money” from haircare firm GHD, according to TMZ.

As previously reported, Perry and GHD fell out over whether the latter renewed its brand partnership deal with the former, after a two year alliance that began in 2011 reached its conclusion. GHD struck first, asking for court confirmation that there was no new agreement, saying amongst its various arguments that it had not renewed the deal because market research had shown that people in Europe no longer really like Perry all that much.

Perry countersued, saying that the company had continued to use her image for promotional purposes after the original deal had ended, suggesting that the continuation of the deal – which even GHD admitted had been discussed – was implied. She and her legal team also alleged that the company simply wanted to delay the end of the deal because its parent company Jamella Group was in the process of being acquired, and management at the top possibly didn’t want any public falling out with Perry while that deal was being closed.

But, despite all that backbiting in the legal papers, an out of court settlement has now been reached, according to TMZ, and while the exact terms of that agreement are not known, the gossip site reckons that PERRY WON. That is to say, although GHD was the first to launch legal action, the company has now backed down. Or at least it has if TMZ’s sources are correct.