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Katy Perry too sexy for toddlers

By | Published on Friday 24 September 2010

So, I may not have been able to think of anything to say about Katy Perry’s ‘Sesame Street’ appearance the other day, but it seems concerned parents have been able to think of plenty.

As previously reported, the video of Perry performing a rewritten version of her song ‘Hot N Cold’ with the kids’ show’s Elmo character went online this week, ahead of its planned TV airing on New Year’s Eve. However, some have apparently complained that the singer’s outfit shows off too much cleavage and is therefore unsuitable for young children. I can find no words to describe how utterly fucking insane this is.

The makers of ‘Sesame Street’ said that they had decided not to give the clip a TV airing due to “feedback we’ve received”. Initially they said it would remain on YouTube, but it has now been removed. However, it is still available on Perry’s on YouTube channel, so you can, er, check for yourself: