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Katy Perry wees in a bucket sometimes

By | Published on Thursday 9 August 2012

Katy Perry

So, here’s the latest addition to our alarmingly frequent series of articles on the toilet habits of female pop stars. So far we have learned that Kreayshawn definitely does use the toilet, Ke$ha likes “to pee on weird things”, and Lady Gaga, who gets more specific, often relieves herself in dressing room rubbish bins.

Similarly, The Sun has now informed us, Katy Perry often pisses in a bucket backstage at shows. Why doesn’t she go in the bin like Lady Gaga? Because the bin is reserved for potential vomit, obviously. According to the tabloid, she recently said: “You walk on stage feeling like Mary Poppins but really you’ve just had your skin zipped, peed in a bucket and been dry-heaving over the trash can”.