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Kele: We’re not splitting, and it’s all the NME’s fault

By | Published on Monday 3 October 2011

Bloc Party

Kele Okereke has posted another blog about all those reports of late that he’s been chucked out of Bloc Party. Apparently all the confusion is the fault of the NME.

As previously reported, and at considerable length in the Beef Of The Week column last week, news that Okereke’s bandmates were working on a side project while they awaited their frontman to finish promoting his latest solo release was spun into “Okereke sacked” stories, even though we suspected the reports were due to either Kele bullshitting the press or some bad communication on the part of the Bloc Party bandmates.

The stories began with an interview Kele gave to the NME, in which he revealed he had spied his bandmates going into a New York rehearsal studio without him. Bandmate Russell Lissack, also in an NME interview, then confirmed the other Bloc-ers were working on some new material together, and might recruit another singer for that material, though he never said that music would be released as Bloc Party. Kele then blogged that he was confused about his status in the band.

Some accused the NME of twisting the words of the Bloc Party members to get a good story, so much so the music weekly posted recordings of the interviews to prove it was faithful in communicating what the musicians had said. But, Okereke, who returned to his blog late last week and finally admitted the whole thing was indeed bullshit, is still blaming the NME for all the confusion, arguing everyone knows he makes things up in interviews, that he’s clearly taking the piss in the interview, and that the music weekly should know better than to quote anything he tells them as fact. And, presumably, to ignore blog posts he publishes seemingly confirming the story.

Of course, now we know everything Kele says in public is bullshit, we don’t know whether to believe this latest blog post, putting us in some kind of horrible eternal loop of not knowing whether or not Bloc Party still exist. Given Kele’s such a bullshitter, I wouldn’t put it past him to release a new album with Bloc Party just to throw us all off the real story.

Those with good eyesight can read Kele’s blog here.