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Kelly Lee Owens announced LP.8

By | Published on Thursday 31 March 2022

Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owen has announced new album ‘LP.8’, which is, of course, her third album. And her eighth. Both at the same time. Just ignore that for the moment, we’ll get to it later.

Owens began working on the album immediately after the release of her last record, ‘Inner Song’, in 2020. Realising that she would not be able to tour around the release of ‘Inner Song’, due to the pandemic, she instead set about making music with no pressure or deadline.

Relocating to Oslo, she worked with producer Lasse Marhaug on music that they envisioned being somewhere in between Throbbing Gristle and Enya. And if that’s not something you want to hear, then I can’t help you.

Shortly after completing work on the new record, she called her label Smalltown Supersound and told them that she had just finished making her “eighth album”. In an effort to explain this, she says: “For me, eight meant completion – an album that will ripple infinitely with me personally”. At the very least, this is hopefully confirmation that we can expect at least five more albums from Owens.

‘LP.8’ is set for release on 10 Jun. Coinciding with the announcement, Owens has released two tracks from the record, ‘Sonic 8’ and ‘Olga’: