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Key themes confirmed for TGE Conference 2019 – education, streaming, marketing

By | Published on Thursday 29 November 2018

The Great Escape 2019

As the First Fifty shows in London reach their climax this evening, The Great Escape has announced more details about the TGE Conference that will take place in Brighton next May, plus Australia has been confirmed as the lead country partner for 2019.

Three full-day conferences presented by CMU Insights will again sit at the heart of the wider TGE Conference programme. Each of these is focused on a different aspect of the music industry, allowing delegates to dig much deeper into the key music industry issues of the day.

The first CMU+TGE conference will take place on Wednesday 8 May and will be focused on music education. CMU Insights teamed up with BIMM and Urban Development to put the spotlight on the music education sector at TGE 2018, resulting in an inspiring day of discussions that raised many questions. The Music Education conference in 2019 will seek to answer at least some of those questions, in part by reporting back on the ongoing ‘Redefining Music Education’ research project that was launched at this year’s event.

On Thursday 9 May, the second full-day conference will put the streaming market in the spotlight and dissect the inner workings of the streaming business. Streaming, of course, is the biggest and fastest growing revenue stream for the global recorded music industry. But issues with the model remain. The Digital Dollars conference will look at issues around how streaming income is shared, while also considering if, how and when the streaming services themselves will finally go into profit.

The final CMU+TGE conference is all about music marketing. The music industry’s marketing campaigns continue to evolve with the shift to streaming on the recorded side, and with the live business become much more prolific in its marketing efforts. This full-day conference will look at best practice, current trends, the role of social media and playlisting, the challenge of campaigns getting longer while budgets remain the same, and at how labels and promoters could better collaborate to help their artist’s grow their fanbases.

All three of the CMU+TGE conferences will take place in the new home for the wider TGE Conference at the Jurys Inn Waterfront hotel in Brighton. This one venue will host the CMU+TGE strands, plus all the partner panels and many of the key networking events, making it much easier for delegates to navigate the full programme.

Commenting on all this, the CEO of TGE promoter MAMA Festivals, Rory Bett, says: “We’re really proud to have a truly distinct conference programme at The Great Escape by ensuring that we have the time to dig deep into the key issues and trends of the day”.

He goes on: “When we put the focus on education in 2018, it really felt like we started a movement to more closely align music education with the music industry, so it’s great to be able to further that debate in 2019. Meanwhile, I think we can all agree that for new artists, the big two challenges are getting noticed and getting paid, two things that will be at the fore with our full-day conferences on digital dollars and music marketing”.

Music-wise, the first fifty acts to play the festival side of TGE in 2019 have already been announced, them all appearing at the series of First Fifty shows that have been taking place in London this week. With Australia now confirmed as the lead country partner next year, more acts from down under have been added to the bill today, including These New South Whales, Sons Of The East, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Allysha Joy, Cable Ties, Body Type and Tropical Fuck Storm.

A delegate pass gets you access to both the conference and festival side of TGE and they are available here. A standalone day ticket is also available for the CMU+TGE: Music Education conference here. For more info on the wider TGE Conference programme click here.