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Kian Egan reckons Westlife would have cried at 1D sales figures

By | Published on Thursday 20 March 2014

Kian Egan

Occasional song singer Kian Egan reckons that his former group Westlife would have been pretty disappointed back in their heyday with the kind of record sales being achieved by those One Direction scamps.

Even though 1D scored the best selling UK album of 2013, the units shifted overall wouldn’t have impressed Team Westlife circa 2001, Egan says. Though of course that ignores the fact that for One Direction, putting out records is just a promotional gimmick for their actual business of perfumery.

Egan, busy talking up a solo record (but with no accompanying perfume to sell, fool), told the Daily Star: “I was told the other day that One Direction’s album sold around 700,000 copies in the UK and it was the biggest-selling album of [last] year. Back in the day with Westlife, that would have been fairly poor, we were selling more like 1.7 or 1.8 million”.

Though Egan does concede that “times have changed”, noting that “there were loads of bands around then – Blue, Steps, A1, S Club – there was room for all of us. But now there’s only really room for one One Direction”. Ah, for the days when the music business was able to sustain multiple shit pop groups all at any one time.

For younger readers, Westlife were a popular covers group back in the olden days when people bought real music on real discs from real shops, like ASDA and Tesco Metro.