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Kid Carpet to soundtrack Repo Man sequel

By | Published on Wednesday 16 February 2011

Kid Carpet

It’s been ages since we’ve written about Kid Carpet. Hooray for having an opportunity to do that again. The news facilitating this is that the producer has recorded a soundtrack to ‘Repo Chick’, the sequel to Alex Cox’s cult 80s movie ‘Repo Man’, which is also directed by Cox.

Kid Carpet says of the slightly unusual hook-up: “Like most opportunities that come my way, this one was very convoluted and strange. I’d never looked in the spam folder of my email account before – [but when I did] there was some fanmail in there from a lady in America, talking about how she and her partner were Kid Carpet fans, and that her partner made films and might like to use some of my music”.

He continued: “I remembered his voice from the ‘Moviedrome’ BBC documentary series from the 80s, which he presented. So by now I was really excited. I’d love to make music for films, especially Alex Cox films. He made ‘Sid & Nancy’ and ‘Repo Man’, great punk rock films. It was a lot of fun, I’d love to do more of it”.

I read a review of ‘Repo Chick’ the other day and it panned it. But shush, we’re talking about Kid Carpet, and he’s ace. His soundtrack will be released as an album by Dan Le Sac’s new label Dumb Dumb on 18 Apr. It will be preceded by a single, ‘Shuffle’, on 14 Mar, which will come with remixes by Dan Le Sac, 1bpm (aka David Thorpe of Pete & The Pirates) and Voluntary Butler Scheme.

Here’s a spoof trailer Kid Carpet made using some chickens.