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Kilimanjaro Live launches YouTuber focused management firm

By | Published on Monday 1 February 2016

Kilimanjaro Live

Live firm Kilimanjaro has been doing quite a good job of quietly moving itself into the mad world of YouTubers of late. Now it’s going into business with talent management firm Triple A Media and UK YouTuber event Summer In The City to launch a new management agency focused on YouTube-based musical talent.

As discussed at last week’s Music 4.5 event on all things YouTube, an interesting new business is emerging around online talent who have primarily built an audience via a channel on the Google video site. The so called multi-channel networks have the highest profile, though managers and agents specialising in this kind of talent are also emerging. Where the YouTuber makes music, that then poses the interesting question of how the performer and their YouTube-centric business partners interact with the conventional music industry.

Kilimanjaro Live says it conceived its new venture – called Free Focus – while promoting shows for YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Lilly Singh and Emma Blackery, and the new business will have a focus on extending the reach of YouTube-based stars through more traditional media and entertainment channels.

“It’s really exciting to be able to offer a platform for stars of a digital age to spread their reach into more traditional mediums such as TV, radio, music, live and beyond”, says Kilimanjaro Live’s Mark Walker, quoted by Access All Areas. “These hugely talented individuals have grown massive fanbases all by themselves and we can offer them our expertise to grow even more. I’m loving working with the guys at Triple A Media and Summer In The City because we all bring different expertise and knowledge to the party”.

The first signings for Free Focus are singer songwriter Bethan Leadley and indie duo Box Of Light. Meanwhile you can check out the CMU Insights ‘story so far’ presentation from last week’s Music 4.5 event, reviewing the music industry’s relationship with YouTube, and the emerging YouTuber business, here.