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Kim Deal’s Breeders making first LP since 2008

By | Published on Thursday 10 April 2014

The Breeders

The Breeders – ie the band ex-Pixie Kim Deal is still in, and indeed, leads – are in a basement right now, making what will, when it’s all done, stand as their first LP in six years.

The band, to give a brief history, reunited in 2012 for a tour coinciding with the 2013 reissue of 1993’s ‘Last Splash’, this following a quiet period post the 2008 release of their last LP, ‘Mountain Battles’. And yeah, they’ve been offline in the main since then, at least, until now.

Spilling on the nascent new LP via Stereogum earlier this week, Deal said: “We’re down in the basement recording and the songs are sounding good. And honestly, I don’t know what else to do. This is what I like to do. I like to record and play songs. I don’t think there’s much of an industry for it these days, but that’s just what I do, you know?”

So in case anyone is still not clear: Kim Deal writes and plays songs for a living. Got it?