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King Krule exhibiting his arts in London

By | Published on Thursday 21 August 2014

King Krule

Oft-roaring pop boy Archy Marshall is to show some of his and his brother’s art works, banner-titled ‘Inner City Ooz’, at a gallery in London next month. And entry is free!

Marshall – who if you’re all like, “Who? What? Who’s that?” is, in fact, the real name of King Krule, releaser of last year’s brilliant ‘Six Feet Beneath The Moon’ LP – has collaborated with his brother Jack on an installation based on their reactions to ‘motifs’ like memory, time and the role of the artist in a changing cityscape. So now we all know.

On the physical side, the display will have a mix of large-scale abstract pieces featuring Archy’s poetry and ‘layers of paint’ by Jack, who by the way did the cover art for ‘Six Feet Beneath The Moon’. There shall also be illustrations, drawings and photographs.

In the downstairs space of the gallery the pair will create a “secluded, fictional environment” of soundscapes, compositions and live interactive performance made to “vibrate the viewer”, so that sounds (or will sound if you go listen to it) quite cool.

The show opens to the public on 5 Sep, and lasts till 27 Sep. Here are the details.