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Kobalt expands its tracking and reporting portal

By | Published on Wednesday 3 December 2014


Kobalt is continuing in its mission to make navigating the complexities of digital deals, royalties and revenues easier by expanding its online portal “to deliver ultimate transparency to all of its clients … to track their music, royalties and more globally in real-time”.

Kobalt has been developing its online tracking technology for publishers and songwriters for a number of years, aiming to make it easier for companies and individuals whose songs are administered by the music rights firm to monitor usage of their content, and work out how that translates into income.

The company has also been helping artists and labels do the same with their so called ‘neighbouring rights’ (mainly public performance income), and the latest revamp makes the tracking service also available to those who use Kobalt’s label services business to handle the distribution of their recorded content.

Of course, in the sound recordings space there is probably more competition when it comes to usage and royalty tracking technology – many digital distributors have invested heavily in this area, and indeed many compete on the quality of their real time reporting – though with the super new Kobalt system, if you used the firm to rep all aspects of both your song and recording copyrights, you could have all the data in one place. Which is kind of nifty, even if Kobalt has called that “a 360 degree view”.

Commenting on all this, Kobalt top dude Willard Ahdritz told reporters: “This is another giant step toward creating an industry platform that offers a more transparent future for artists, songwriters and publishers around the world. The incorporation of label services as a third strand of the Kobalt Portal completes its transition into the world’s first fully comprehensive rights tool. With one hit song today creating billions of transactions, our Portal offers an unparalleled level of transparency, enabling Kobalt clients to understand what is happening with their music throughout the global market”.